Easy way to Install and setup Free WordPress Blog

Easy way to Install and setup Free WordPress Blog

A Blog can be a website or a Information section about any topic, Or you can also say blog is a diary which express the views and experienced of blogger. A blogger consistently share the valuable information for the users in the form of blog. With the help of Blog, we can share our views across the world.

Blog is always accessible for public, anyone can read the blog, post their comment on blog and he can also share your blog with someone.

A Blog is basically a combination of Headline, Content, Graphics (Images), Related Link Titles etc. The content of a blog need to be neat and clean. Blog run by an individual or group of people.

Why do you want to start a blog?

One of the big question is why you need a blog? The vision of a blog can be different for everyone, It depends upon person to person, Someone wants to start their blog just for Making Money, some for sharing information on the blog at any topic.


Let us understand the Basics of Blog.

We can post the content at our blog or we can also post the content on other blogging site. First of all we have to create login at another blogging websites for blog posting. But you have to find the right blog site which are similar to our interest. If you are not a regular blogger then you can choose this option.

If you are serious in blogging and want to include this interesting venture in your life then create your own blog.

Now You have 2 Options for the Start the Blog:-


Let’s Discuss about Free Blog Creation:-

Whenever we talk about blogging then two big name blogger.com and wordpress.com flash in our mind, blogger.com is a google product who offers free blog website for all. First we will create a blog in wordpress.com, I will tell you all the steps one by one which will help you to create a blog and all the important options which will help you to understand the complete Blog Panel.

Step 1:- Open your browser and type in the search bar, “www.wordpress.com” . After open the website you have lot of options in front of you like start your website, Plans & pricing, Features, Log-In and Get Started and many more. After Open the website you will get something Like this:-

Build wordpress blog

WordPress is also showing the analytics, How much websites are building in wordpress, Don’t  worry your blog is also going to be live on wordpress soon. Just Click on the Button


Step 2: – After Click the button, wordpress would ask you to create a account at wordpress.com, Just enter the details like Email Address, Username and Password and press the button Create your Account…


Now, Your Account is ready, and you can create your Blog Now, It is very simple and interesting,  After that it would ask you to enter your domain name, After putting the domain name it will show you multiple options like which extension do you required for your domain, It will also show you some suggestion for your domain.

Search domain @ wordpress.com

But Don’t very, we will leave all the options for Now and choose Free option below the screen.

You can see in the above image I choose a domain besthealths and wordpress is showing me the option for domain purchase also, after that you also have a option like health17975417.wordpress.com.

Now Click on

, Now we are just 1 step away from our blog.


What is a wordpress Blog

Click the button, Start with Free Site, Finally done and your blog is ready.


Now your Blog dashboard will look like this:-


Best Blogging Options

This is the panel of your wordpress blog and all the options are available  here to manage your blog. As we know we have choose the Free Option that’s why we have limited options are there to manage but if we will choose paid version or host wordpress blog individually then lot of options will be there.


No worry, at the initial stage these options are quite enough to learn something more. Now we will discuss the wordpress panel step by step:-


Step 1: As you Know Name of site is important, whenever you open any website, The Logo of company visible at left side of header and a menu beside the logo to navigate your website pages. We have both the options here, After put the Name of your site it will visible at place of logo.


We have 3 options like Site Title – Please put the name you want to display at main page like logo and a site tagline, where you can put some short message, which will define your blog.

Site Icon option is also there, you can choose a icon which will display with your url in search bar.

After Scroll The Page there is a privacy Option, Its up to on you, You want to make it public or keep it private. But Simple we are creating blog for information sharing then it should  be public.


Wordpress Blog Settings

Step 2:- We have a performance tab along with General, It will shop you the performance of website.


Wordpress Blog Performance

Step 3:- Writing Tab – It will show you the options like categories, Tags, Your post format, Date time format, How many post do you want to display at page etc.


Blog Writing Configuration


Blog Posts Limits WordPress panel

Step 4: one of the most important section, discussion and comment, you can choose the setting of comment form and give the permission to visitors to comment on your blog or not. As a Blogger I suggest to open comment for all because if someone comment at our blog positive or negative, Its improve your blog performance…


Blog Comments Settings

There are few more options in comment section, you can blacklist or block any user whoever is doing wrong posting in your comment section.


We have configured the settings of our wordpress blog. Now its time to create pages and blog post. We can create page, post images, remove comments, check website insight, change the theme and many more, All the options are available In left sidebar panel. Now it’s time to understand them one by one, we have done most of the settings of the blog and Now our blog will look something like this:-


Step 1:– We have 2 Major Option in Left sidebar First is Site and second one is Design, These options will help us to understand the major work of our wordpress blog.

Pages – we can create the pages for the blog like about us where you can put our information like qualification, skills, Interest etc.  about blog page where you can display the content, How your blog content will help the visitors and what type of Information they can get it here…


Choose Page Layout WordPress

When you will click on

, It will show you few more options like choose a page layout, It has few predefined options which will make your blog more attractive and beautiful. Choose a layout and Press Add Layout Button at top right corner of page.

After Add the Layout It will Show you a page where you can add you page content.  At the page you have multiple options in right sidebar:-

Page Layout – You can also change the Layout of page from there.

Finally after complete all the stuff, You can publish your page.

Posts – With this option you can post your content , and there are lot of options in right sidebar which will improve the performance of your post. All the options mentioned below in details:-

Permalinks – It is a page url, which will indexed by google or display in search result also like yourblog.wordpress.com/about-us/ 

It also created with the title of page name but with the help of permalinks option you can change the url as per your choice Like Blog Title is how blog help us and you want to keep in Url  how blog is helpful, then you can create it in permalinks.

Featured Image

– Add a featured image here, whenever you posts will visible at category pages then the featured images will display alongwith your content.

Excerpt – It will show your post with short content with readmore button.

Discussion – You can allow comment on your page and post from this section.

Finally after complete all the stuff, You can publish your post.


After publish the post, you have a option to visit the post to check out all the things.


Media – It is used for Images, you can upload images from your computer here and you can also check which images are already exist in your media.

Comments – It will show you the comments which was written by the visitors at your blog. You can remove the comment, approve the comment both the options you have.

Step 2:– Now it is final section Design, you can change your theme or customize your theme. There are lot of predefined themes available in wordpress panel.


You can activate any theme as per your choice.. I have chosen new theme and now our blog look like this:-


Choose WordPress Theme


Everything  is completed, Now its your turn to post valuable content, information to your blog.


I have tried to understand you every step in the blog, about wordpress free blog installation, act

ivation and dashboard settings, If you find something missing please comment me, I will try to mention it…


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