90+ Article Submission Websites for better Ranking

90+ Article Submission Websites for better Ranking

Section1  – What Article Submission Do?

Article Submission is one of the impressive manner in SEO terms, It guide to Boost our website ranking in search engines and increase the volume of visitors. It is a good way to improve the ranking of websites in search engine.

The activity of article submission can be performed at various article directories at free of cost, It’s only depend on the content.  As we all know Quality Article always rank in search engines and help us to boost product awareness.

What is Quality Content?

A content can be counted in Quality if it is written for users not for search engines, Content is the Only way to express your brand and product. Quality Content has higher conversion rates as per experts team.

Section 2 – What is Article Submission?

Article Submission is an Offpage SEO Activity, for Article submission we should have high Ranking and good DA websites for submit out content.  High PR and DA websites never allow low quality content so manage the quality of your Article to get easy and fast approval.

Most of time Low Quality Content Reject by Article Directory Moderator.

Write  Article related to your business products, Find Appropriate category for your article at Article Directories. One more thing before Please also read article content and heading before submit the article, because Directories have set few standard for article submission. We have to follow that.


Section 3 – Advantage of Article Submission?

Most of SEO and Digital Marketing Experts prefer Article submission Activity. It is a good technique for brand awareness and product marketing. Submission of Article in High PR websites can give a chance to reach immense visitors to your article.

If Article content is good then it impetus the visitor to reach your website and check out your products and services. When you submit an article then it ask few basic things like article heading, article content, summary, about writer and also give you a chance to put a backlink to your website.

Please Note: Please hyberlink the quality keyword to your website page; If you give link of inner page then it will be a good option.

If someone access to your websites from any article directory and found interesting and relevant content of your article then next time he can reach directly to your website. It really a decisive thing for you if clients access your site with the help of your article.

It will definitely boost your confidence, when you check the analytics report of your website and find article directories shown in referral section. This will help you to write more interesting  and better content for your website.


Section 4 – Why Article Submission sites are important for Online Business?

Article directories are most important for any online business, because we know millions of people search products, services and any info on the internet. Most of Articles websites has good traffic, Page Rank, Domain Authority.

We often find best article websites comes into search results, It support in your Brand popularity. When a quality content article comes in search result and visitor find interesting your services, always increase the chance to grab Valuable Customer.

 With Article submission you can share valuable information to the customers and help to build brand awareness.

It is good for backlinks and improves page rank also in search results.

Article submission also helps us in writing skills and improve product and business knowledge day by day. If you have vast knowledge of product then you can impetus the customer to read your article once. Most Visits and most share of your article can enhance the performance of your business.

“Every Sharing can work Like some Credit in Your Account”


Section 6 – Guidelines For Article Submission

There are various points to bear in mind while submission your article to the directory websites:-

  • Create a proper list of high quality content and DA websites.
  • Choose appropriate category for your article.
  • Always include the link of your website in author description option.
  • Most important thing is your article content , Create quality content with accurate grammar and always try to define your aspect in brief and short.
  • Keywords are major role in article submission, Choose accurate keywords according to your content and product.
  • Headlines is also a key point for article submission. Create attractive headline to catch the eye of visitor to your article.
  • One of the major part proofreading- We should verified the article multiple times before publish, after published the article it take 2-3 days or a week to approve your article. If article find inappropriate then it can also reject or disqualified. So be active during article submission..


Section 7 – Article Submission Sites with DA and PR







Finally, let us have a list of 89+ Article Submission sites in India that can alleviate your task of article submission


  1. seekingalpha.com – 87
  2. hubpages.com – 87
  3. ehow.com -88
  4. biggerpockets.com – 79
  5. brighthub.com – 76
  6. buzzle.com – 77
  7. examiner.com – 89
  8. squidoo.com – 83
  9. apsense.com – 76
  10. selfgrowth.com – 79
  11. Thefreelibrary.com
  12. Sooperarticles.com
  13. Articlesfactory.com
  14. Abilogic.com
  15. articlespromoter.com/
  16. articleseen.com/
  17. warticles.com/
  18. articlesss.com/
  19. articlepole.com/
  20. articlesubmited.com/
  21. webpronews.com
  22. sharehealthtips.com/
  23. idleexperts.com
  24. jumparticles.com/
  25. articlecatalog.com/
  26. articlealley.com
  27. articlesbd.com/
  28. evancarmichael.com
  29. articleside.com/
  30. a1articles.com/
  31. articledoctor.com/
  32. selfgrowth.com/
  33. prolinkdirectory.com
  34. articlecity.com/
  35. netezinearticles.com/
  36. articles.abilogic.com/
  37. articlesforwebsite.com/
  38. libervis.com/
  39. galoor.com/
  40. webmasterslibrary.com/
  41. articleslist.net/
  42. article1.co.uk/
  43. ourblogpost.com/
  44. articlecede.com/
  45. openarticles.com/
  46. articleswrap.com/
  47. learnnpublish.com/
  48. srmarticles.com/
  49. hubpots.com/
  50. adarticles.net/
  51. magportal.com/
  52. easy-articles.com/
  53. allthewebsites.org/
  54. articlecube.com/
  55. 123articleonline.com/
  56. articleavenue.com/
  57. simplysearch4it.com/
  58. howtoadvice.com/
  59. pr4-articles.com/
  60. feedsfloor.com
  61. letsbefamous.com/
  62. articleuploads.com/
  63. articlemedia.co.uk/
  64. freearticleposting.com/
  65. dime-co.com/
  66. articlegeek.com/
  67. streetarticles.com/
  68. marketmyarticle.com
  69. ezinepost.com/
  70. articlization.com
  71. uberarticles.com/
  72. otherarticles.com/
  73. awebcity.com/
  74. upublish.info/
  75. articlesnatch.com
  76. threadwatch.org/
  77. articlebliss.com/
  78. realestateproarticles.com/
  79. articlicious.com/
  80. threadwatch.org
  81. loudpages.com/
  82. earticlesonline.com
  83. facearticle.com/
  84. ezinemark.com/
  85. myseoarticle.com/
  86. guestsposting.com/
  87. webwire.com
  88. Amazines.com
  89. Highrankdirectory.com
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