SEO Benefits for Responsive Website

SEO Benefits for Responsive Website

As we all know, this Digital world, technology is changing time to time, mobiles and tablets are critical components for browsing internet or websites, 50% to 60% queries are coming from mobiles version and tablets, these devices can be handed anywhere.

There are lot of things we need to improve to in our website. Most of the companies are providing responsive websites but they are not designed with mobile in mind. Due to this most of feel frustrated.

Most of the users prefers mobile friendly websites, Only mobile friendly websites can turn users into customers, great mobile experience get more users.

Responsive websites has different views for different users:-

74% people say they really want to visit mobile friendly website again

67% of people say they likely to buy good and services from mobile friendly website

Non mobile friendly websites lose Business and hurt user experience:-

  • Due to non mobile friendly website, 50% of users don’t want to come to websites again.
  • 52% of people says bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with the company services.

A responsive website with SEO activities can help the any organisation to engage more users. With these if we have good products, services , offers then it will be a mega business chance for the company. Dont worry we have few simple steps for mobile friendly website:-

  • Use HTML/CSS
  • Use compress code of javascript, html, css
  • Optimized images properly
  • Check the viewport code in webpage
  • Check the size of content
  • Website text should be readable in every format
  • Site load time

These are very basic and necessary points to optimize a website properly for mobile device. A loading time for a website should be 3s it comes under top performer category, if we are 4-5 then its good and till 8s it comes in fair. After that it shows poor level.

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