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Computer Shop Website Php Mysql

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Computer Shop Website Php Mysql

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This is a Mini Project for a Computer Shop, it will help the owner to generate more business and leads, It has two major options to control the website, Category and Category Products, He can Add multiple categories and their products with their specification and overview. if some visitor generate an inquiry, it will land in admin panel and receive at mail also.
  • Project Name : Computer Shop Website Php Mysql
  • Language Used : PHP
  • Database : MySQL
  • User Interface Design : HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT

Admin Module

Admin has the complete control of the website who can manage everything on the website. He can log in through the login page
  • Category Master: In this section, Admin can manage the Computer Category like Add Category, Delete Category, Edit and Update Category.
  • Product Management. In this section, Admin can add the computer products in the category. He can Edit , delete and update the products also.
  • PopUp Banner: In this section Admin can add a banner with some offers like 50% Sale or Discount Type
  • Quick Enquiry: In this section, the admin will receive all the website enquiry

User Module

  • User Can Visit the website and generate Inquiry as per the requirement

Some of the Project Screens

Home Page

This is the main page of the website, I have mentioned few options for Frontpage Like Most Popular and Special Deals. Admin can manage the products category, whatever want to display at frontpage.... Computer SHop Website Template

Admin Section - Login Page

From this Page, Admin will Enter Id and Password to access the panel of the website

Admin Section - Dashboard

online computer website php mysql

Admin Section - Category

online computer shop website template

Front Section - Popup Banner

free download php projects

How to run the Computer Shop Panel

  • Download the zip file and Extract the file
  • Paste inside root directory(for xampp xampp/htdocs)
  • Open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
  • Create a database with name computer
  • Import computer.sql file, which is also included in zip file
  • Run the script http://localhost/computer(frontend)
  • For admin Panel http://localhost/computer/newadmin

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