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Most of the SEO and Digital Marketing Experts Love Blog Commenting, It is a simple tool to create backlinks and increase traffic to your website according to them. Due to Spam Commenting at Blog, Most of Blog Block the comment section and also allow nofollow links, which doesn’t help us in link building. Let’s understand more about blog commenting sites.

What is Blog Commenting?

It is a way to connect with blog writer, A blog Viewer and Blog Reader express his views on the blogs with comments section. It is a great way to exchange different ideas, thoughts, Suggestion and more. Blog commenting Helps the writer to improve their blog writing.
Blog Commenting create a bridge between users and writers, A blogger always wait for the impressive comment which will boost his energy level to create more blogs, more content for the readers.
With the help of commenting, Viewers always ask more questions about the blogs and someone just appreciate the blog and blog author always try to give the answers of every question of viewers as soon as possible.

Why Blog Commenting is Useful?

It will definitely help the blog writer to increase more traffic and more engagement of users with their blogs, Many of users visit the blog if a blogger is writing quality content, Interesting content and useful blogs always has a great chance to get more positive comments.
Whenever user put useful comments not like “Great Post”, “Keep Writing”, “Nice Blog”, the blogger always read all comments and try to reply them, An impressive comment can impetus the blogger to visit your website or blog also,
I think it also helps to boost traffic to your website.

List of High DA Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing blogs for Blog Commenting

Finally, let us have a list of 89+ Article Submission sites in India that can alleviate your task of article submission

WebsiteDomain RatingAlexa Rank
Inspire to Thrive39197,212
Yoast SEO Blog815,643
AdvanceWebRanking5521,172 Blog42108,614
Niche Pursuits5221,845
Authority Hacker4916,321

How to do Blog Commenting?
It is not simple to comment on any blog, It is also not like to put good post, nice work, Blog commenting is a art, Everybody cann’t post blog comment. A commenter should have the knowledge of the post, After studied the post, He can also share his views.
As we know every question has many answers, same with the blog commenting is there, as a blogger you can also substitute the answer of blog commenting.
You can also engage the viewers after giving the answers of their comments.

Let’s listen to Matt Cutts on Blog Comments!

Stop Spam Comments:-
Akismet wordpress plugin is available to stop spam commenting at your blog, Every Minute 1k Spam Comments hit your blogs, Install Akismet Plugins to sop spam comments.

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