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Yes, absolutely right, Real Estate gets the benefits of digital marketing. It is a Boon for Real Estate Industry. It is not only benefited to real estate agents only even it really helps the customers who are looking for the property.

Real Estate Investment is not a small investment, whoever wants to invest his hard earn money in Realty Sector, He has to think and research so many times to take the decision.

As per the recent survey 92% of property buyers use internet. Home buyers search the project details over the internet before investment. A Smart Property Investor or home buyer will definitely check the few details about the property like Project Rera Registered or not, developer name, project location, Investment return and Future Prospects of Investment.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

The Digital marketing tools guide us to explore the correct data about the project, because property purchase is not like to purchase grocery. Grocery is regular items which come every month but if I would talk about “Ghar”, “Home” It comes once in a life.

That’s why Most of the Real Estate Agents want to promote their websites, blogs and social media pages for Strong Online Presence. Everything is possible in Digital Marketing either you are looking for:-

  • Website Designing
  • Website Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Now we will discuss how Real Estate Agents get the Benefits of Digital Marketing in terms of promotion and sales.

1) Product Visibility

2) PPC Ads

3) Facebook Ads

4) Online Chat

5) Website Updation/Blog Updation

6) Project Site Visit

Product Visibility with Digital Marketing

All projects are imperative for the developer either it is Residential or Commercial, Real Estate developer wants to promote all the projects at every platform, the only objective of any developer is to sell the almost units project before delivered the project. So he used most of the digital marketing tools to achieve the targets.

Whenever a project launched in the Real Estate Sector then the first step is visibility of the product, you have multiple options in digital marketing for product visibility.

1) List the project at company website with complete details like project type, project sizes, Price, location map, payment plan and sitemap.

2) Share the project URL at Social Media Platform; it is a good strategy to inform the interested buyers who has like your social media page.

3) Create a blog post at the blog and share it with the old customers or subscribers.

4) Also use Email Services to circulate the info of the project to find the interested customers of the project.

5) WhatsApp is additionally a decent digital marketing of advanced showcasing; you can share insights concerning the undertaking which are straightforwardly in contact to you.


Pay per clicks Ads are run by Google and also by other search engines like bing, yahoo. With the help of PPC Ads we can drive immense traffic to our website and convert the traffic into leads.

How it works – if a homebuyer search on google, “2bhk Flats in Noida” and your Ads appear in top position at Google. Then there is 2 options for the buyer

a) He can Call to the Extension Number

b) He Can Click on the Link

The real estate agent has to pay on every click done by the buyers.

Google Ads account offers multiple options to create Ads and manage Ads, first choose the right keywords for the campaign with keyword Planner Tool….

Choose targeted Audiences according to the projects like Investment, Residential, and Commercial, It will help you to boost the sales.

You can arranged demographics, whom you need to show your advertisement like pick Age bunch 18-24, 25-34. You can likewise pick Gender for your campaign.

Ads Can be run for Entire Month 24×7 or you can schedule according to your strategy like choose the days when you want to run the ads and choose time also, If you want to run ad with sharp strategy.

At last we should have a landing page for the campaign, the page need to be attractive and responsive for all formats. After Click the Ad, User will land on website, Complete information will exist at the page with a inquiry form to collect the buyer details.

Facebook Ads

Digital marketing give you a simple and effective way to generate more Leads, Facebook is really a great tool for real estate advertisement. More than 70% people log into facebook everyday as per statistics. Your ads promote on instagram and facebook with facebook advertisement.

They should also try video and images to drive traffic to the website.

Facebook is a perfect Ad Creation platform with ultimate options like Target the location according to zip, cityname, area name.
Age Targeting, choose specific buyer for the property, who can actually buy the property. Exclude the age of people around 18-20, may be they wouldn’t have budget to buy a property in this age, or they can be student also.

Advertising Budget may the big issue for real estate agents, you can choose a minimum budget according to your product, after review the lead response; you can also increase your budget and time frame.

Now it’s time to create Ad for the campaign, Use High Resolution image with 20% text. You can also use carousel or single image for the Ad.

Check Facebook Advertisement for Real Estate Step by Step.

If I will tell you cost of lead, you will be surprise, the cost of the lead was approx Rs 100/lead. And it can also some bit down.

Online Chat

This is also a effective option for Lead Generation, if we are active at chat panel, I am sure everyday we can receive 5-7 leads on daily basis, without much efforts.

You know, 70% chances of conversion of online chat lead.

We can Understand Chat in this manner:-

Suppose someone visited to your website and spend approx 10-20 seconds, That time Online Chat will trigger a message,” Good Morning/Afternoon” , How Can I assist you. If buyer start the conversation then our agent can discuss their requirement at chat box. Our Agent can also request for his personal details like Name, Contact No, Email Address and Requirement.

The information of the clients will help our sales team to find a best solution for him, with this way you can generate 5-7 leads per day, It also depends on traffic of your website. More Traffic -> More Leads

Website Updation/Blog Updation

Most of the real estate agent always neglect for the website, But Digital marketing has changed their mindset, A website with immense Online presence has a great chance to create more leads.

Real Estate agent need a website, and a professional team to handle their website and social media platform. Real estate is a enormous sector, if you want to take the advantage of Digital marketing, Update your project details, Always share your updates to the clients.

Project Site Visit

Nobody wants buy property without having a look of property. Self Satisfaction is very important in Real Estate Industry. Most of time Real estate offers Free Site Visit from Nearby Metro Station or any connectivity, free pick and drop from home. It also happens so many times.

But we also a Digital Option for the buyers, who is interested in the property but cannot reach for site visit. A 360-degree tour is an effective method to show the property online, with the help of Smartphone, Laptop we can Access it.

With the use of virtual reality apps, buyers can view the entire property, look around the site

Benefits of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Cost Effective

If I will talk about the Advertisement cost of offline media and online media, then Online media will win in cost saving strategy. Suppose you give an newspaper ad, It cost around 1 or 2 Lakh, how much lead you aspect form it, 5,10,20 last But if you will spend 1 lakh to facebook , I am sure you can get around 500+ leads and most of thing also depend on the project. You are getting double benefit in Digital Marketing. 1) You are branding your company and also project, 2) You are getting Business.

Budget Analysis

We spend lot of money in digital marketing, like websites, google ads, facebook ads, other digital platform. We can analysis the budget and lead, how much leads received at what cost.

We can analyze the entire Ads platform to find the successful campaign. If we did not receive good response from Google Ads then we can stop it for a while, and if we are getting good leads from Facebook Ads then we can continue with the same.

One more thing, I have Noticed, we should not run a single Ad for the project, Always Create 2-3 Ads for Every Campaign. Because Multiple Ads Multiple Strategy and Multiple Results.

So, you can judge the best campaign and improve the strategy for further campaigning.

Brand Building

After Performing Lot of Digital Marketing Techniques, You will

notice Your Online Presence in Increasing, You are becoming strong and reputed. Online Presence can’t be created in a day, It take some time. To succeed in the vast industry, you have to use almost Digital Marketing Steps.

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