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Real Estate industry has been entirely changed in last decade. We had as it were constrained choices in Marketing, We were just reliant on Offline media like Newspaper Ads, Flyers, Pamphlets, and Onsite Activities and so on. After few a long time, we got few more choices like SMS Campaigning, Real Estate portal Listing. But we have utmost options here for Real estate industry, now I will describe you How Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy boost your Performance.

digital marketing real estate

How Customer Search Property

If we will talk about the past, then customers had only constrained options to check out the details of the property, the vast majority of the property sell just on trust. But sometimes lack of property knowledge, Misguide by Agents, Create issues in Leads Conversion.

But if I will talk about the current customer, He is so intelligent. Whatever ad your will publish in newspaper, sms, online advertisement or anywhere else, First of all he will search in google and find out the property information. If he finds the information is relevant then according to his requirement, he will talk with the property consultant.

Comfortable Zones for Customer

Online property search is good for agents and customer also, Most of time before the site visit or meeting, Client consistently look into about the property, that time we have a good option to clarifies all the things with the customers, we don’t need to describe him from start because he has already study all this. Such leads can be easily converted.

Now we will Discuss all the major aspects of real estate digital marketing strategy, which will put you sales graph at Next Level. These are the basic and important tricks to get the better results you are looking for:-

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs
  • Paid Campaigning
  • SEO
tips for real estate agency

Create a User Friendly Websites:-

First of all, Real Estate agents should have a website with updated information. Many of Agents does not created their website, in any case that you are searching for online business and improve your online presence, at that point site is an extraordinary alternative for You.

A user friendly websites has a chance to create more leads and more visitors to your website, What I mean for user friendly websites. A website which have utmost options available as per the user choices:-

Project Listing

Always try to keep your website up to date with new listing. Property location, property amenities, property sitemap, everything should be exist at your website.

Real Estate property Listing

Mobile Friendly

Create your website with new technology, if your website is not accessible at mobile version then there is no use of such website, Please develop mobile friendly websites. A responsive website can seize the opportunity to receive more leads.

Contact Info

Add Inquiry form and online chat option for the fast interaction with the clients. Online chat has a great option like contact form, customer can put their contact details with chat box.

Social Media Pages:-

As we know people are generally active on social media platform like facebook. At starting, people were using social media just for share their picture and chat with their known, but Now it has been a great platform for Lead Generation in most of the domains.

It is very simple to understand a platform where millions of users active at same time, then there is chance to find interested customers also.

Social Media Real Estate Marketing

I think, with a website A social media page will also help to improve the online presence of real estate agents. If we have approx 20-30k Like at our facebook page and every day we share our project details at social media pages, with 20-30k may be you get 2-3 inquiry every day. Social media is a effective digital marketing strategy for Real Estate.

Email Marketing:-

It is an outstanding amongst other alternative of digital marketing which Boost Real Estate Sector, with the assistance of email showcasing we can discover potential clients dependent on their activity, We have all the options in Email Marketing Panel, How many customers engage with e-mailer and what is real mail response.

Email Marketing Real Estate

According the insight we can arrange future email marketing campaign for brand awareness, new projects sharing, new schemes shares and also lead generation in real estate industry.

Always remember Email campaign design should be perfect and clean, every information should be in brief and it should not land in spam folder.

So use genuine Email Marketing services to make it more effective in terms of sales and marketing.


It is mini part of the website but it helps a lot to push the traffic to the websites, please install a wordpress blog to your website and post regular blogs about your real estate projects.

Paid Campaigning:

As we have discussed few important points, how digital marketing boost Real Estate, but it also gives a paid option for real estate agents to get instant leads. There are lot of options for paid Advertising also like PPC, Social media Ads etc.

Pay per Click advertisement is an excellence strategy for real estate agents to create new leads, we can put new schemes and offers in PPC ads to find potential customer for the products.

Ads Campaign Social Media

The agents have to pay on every click perform by the visitor. As per the calculation we received 1-2% response according to the clicks like within 10 clicks we can get 1 or 2 inquiry.

We have also a good option for paid campaigning at social media platform; we have good options in campaign panel like choose to target audience, Target Location, and daily budget.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is also a good option for website ranking improvement in Search Engines. Most of time a customer or visitor most of times click on top 5 results. So it is not enough to create website, post on blog and post of social media.

SEO Services Real Estate

We need a good ranking in search engines also, because it is only way to engage the customers with your projects and services with the smart work.

We should have an appropriate SEO procedure to improve the site positioning in search result. if you want to check about SEO then go to Google type your project name or property, and check what is its position. If your website is coming then good otherwise check your competitors’ website and analyze it. What is the improvement required in the website.

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